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Independent Training and Education Consultants (ITEC) provide an extensive range of training and educational services and solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our experienced staff provide bespoke and practical solutions to any training, development, recruitment or audit requirements and can give advice and guidance for workforce development solutions. ​​

Our Directors have over 35 years’ experience of managing training and development solutions with both government and commercial funding streams, ITEC has been providing those solutions for over 4 years. Our ethos is to train and up-skill the workforce, increase apprenticeship achievement and support employees to access training to target skills gaps. We offer a curriculum which enables learners to build on the experience of life and work that they bring with them, providing opportunities to acquire the new knowledge, skills and behaviours that are so important if people are to meet the demands made upon them in the fast paced world of work. We deliver apprenticeships in a range of occupational sectors and we support our Apprentices with on the job, off the job and pastoral guidance and mentoring to achieve their qualifications.

Our Employer Engagement team ensure our employers are supported with workforce development, advice and guidance and relevant staff development which can be either a full qualification, units of qualifications or a bespoke training solution.

Finally, we believe that our learners and employers deserve the best we can provide, and that we as a training provider, must do our utmost to secure the best for them. Our strength is the expertise and commitment of our staff – all our staff, who work hard to support the welfare and success of our learners and to support our stakeholders effectively. Welcome to ITEC, we hope that you will find what you need on our website, if not don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Gez Morrall

Quality Assurance Manager

Julie Morrall

Employer/Business Development Manager

Shirley Kay


Maddie Bray


Rebecca Leach


Nicola Bell


Amanda Johnson


Donna Bailey


Mike Kilroy

Finance Officer

Sarah Dvelys

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